Protect Your Photos Online

Photolockā„¢ protects images on your website from being stolen without your permission and prevents you from being on the wrong end of copyright infringement.


Robust Anti-Theft Image Protection

Mouse Locks

Stop image theft by disabling Right-Clicking and Drag & Drop mouse actions

Keyboard Locks

Disable any Copy & Paste action and file save action, block Print Screens

Screen Locks

Prevent screenshots, make your images only viewable when users actively browsing

Source Code Protection

Make it harder to capture your images from your website's source code


Sign your images with watermark, show your copyright and prevent image theft.

Notify users about your copyrights

Photolock can detect when a user attempts to download your site images and notify user about your copyrights automatically

Fully Customizable

Pick locks you want to activate on your website, disable locks on certain pages or images. Set the level of protection according to the needs of your business

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