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Protect your website's
photos and content

People are saving photos from your website and use them everywhere. So annoying! Don't let anyone copy your images from your site with Photolock.

Works on any website


Protect your images and content in minutes

Since the internet came into existence, image theft has become a widespread problem. It has now become so easy to download and copy images from any website.

1. Mouse Locks

Disable right-click menu and image drag & drop

2. Keyboard Locks

Disable shortcut keys that users can use to download content

3. Screen Locks

Disable page printing, screenshots and use of third-party screen tools

4. Hide source code

Disable browser code inspection, and hide your code

5. Firewall

Block internet bots, search engines and social media platforms to index your photos

6. Watermark

Use watermark wizard to digitally sign your photos and block screenshot attempts


Takes a minute to install

Photolock blocks the user attempts to copy or download your photos


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Works not only as expected but better! Not only it blocks all right-click plagiarism, it also prevents third party apps from stealing images from what I have noticed. Ecomerce needs more developer like these.

Made Extreme

Works great, the cheapest plan protects your visual and text content perfectly. I'm very happy with it.

Gadget Trybe

The app works, it's easy to use and doesn't have any negative affect on my store but protects my images. I will continue to keep photolock on my store moving forward.

Wooly Wunderland

Your photos belong to you,
don't let anyone copy them

Protect your website's images and content with Photolock