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Photolock™ protects images on your website from being stolen without your permission.

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Protect text & images

Since the internet came into existence, image theft has become a widespread problem. It’s so easy to download and copy images from the internet and a lot of people fail to realize that they are using someone else’s work without permission which is copyright infringement.

Robust Anti-Theft Image Protection

Choose what users can do on your website

Mouse Locks

Stop image theft by disabling Right-Clicking and Drag & Drop mouse actions.

keyboard locks
Keyboard Locks

Disable any Copy & Paste action and file save action, block Print Screens.

screen locks
Screen Locks

Prevent screenshots, make your images only viewable when users actively browsing.

external locks
External Locks

Control which social media and search engines can capture your photos.

code locks>
Code Protection

Make it harder to capture your images from your website's source code.


Sign your images with watermark, show your copyright and prevent image theft.

Photolock aims to prevent image theft attempts by an average user. Using Photolock as an added level of security is adequate protection for approximately 99% of site visitors. Photolock cannot prevent site visitors from entirely accessing the codeset of the website and assets embedded in the code due to the architecture of internet browsers.

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Fully customizable

Pick the locks you want to activate on your website, disable on select pages or images. Set the level of protection according to the needs of your business.

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Protect Copyright

The ease with which someone can steal images from a website requires an added level of protection.

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Protect photos. Try Photolock.

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