What's New

Introducing Country Restrictions

You can now lock visitors from certain countries using our new Restrictions feature. Try it now!

Photolock is now Cybarmor

Photolock had grown so much in the past couple of years, it is not just a tool to protect your photos anymore, it's a full-fledged security tool for your website and business. We wanted to have a brand that reflected all that.

Cybarmor, our redesigned security suite, is here to help. You'll discover your familiar photo and website locks, as well as new security features like Country and IP limitations, Watermark Wizard, and more!

Check out Cybarmor at www.cybarmor.app

Performance boost

We made some improvements under the hood to make the app faster for you.

New locks available

We added new locks aimed at specific browser featured that might interfere Photolock: - Identify if Brave's Shields technology is actively blocking our domain. Learn more about it here. - Detect when a browser's tracking protection prevents Photolock from loading.

Shopify Login

We've fixed a bug happening during authentication via Shopify acccounts. Some browsers were experiencing a crash at first login attempt. This has been fixed so Shopify will successfully connect.

Install Photolock to your homescreen

You can now install Photolock on your device for easy access and manage your settings anytime. Learn more

Available for all websites

Photolock™ is now available for all sites, not just Shopify. Go ahead and try it out!

App redesign


We have redesigned the app from the ground app to make it easier to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

Shopify users will be required to upgrade through their Shopify store to get the new design.