Introducing Photolock 2.0

Introducing Photolock 2.0

We released Photolock two years ago in an effort to assist online store owners to protect copyrights and digital assets. It received so much positive feedback over the years that we never expected and became one of the most popular apps in the Shopify app store. Thanks so much to Shopify merchants for supporting Photolock project!
Today, we’re excited to announce that Photolock 2.0 is ready and released in the Shopify app store. We listened to your feedback and built Photolock entirely from scratch.

New Locks Added! 🎉

Photolock is now offering more features and more security for your images.

Watermark 💧(Beta)

The long awaited watermarking feature is finally here and released as a beta. You can now automatically watermark your photos to send a clear signal it cannot be copied/used without your consent. The best part is that you will still be able to push your products to other sales channels like Google Shopping, Amazon or Etsy from your Shopify store as you always do. 👍

Keyboard Locks

We added a bunch of new keyboard locks to prevent users from capturing your images by using keyboard shortcuts.

3D Touch Lock

This has been one of the most frequently asked feature, and it is now available. Photolock prevents users from capturing your content by using Apple’s 3D Touch technology

Source Code Lock

All other available locks in Photolock primarily aims to block a non-technical user’s attempts to download your images. However, in theory, an image file can be found in the code of your website, and a technical user can easily download the file using the image’s URL present in the code.

Source Code lock makes it harder for a technical user to capture your images from your website’s source code. This lock uses various methods to detect a visitor’s attempt to view the source code and hides the code content in different ways, according to the theft attempt.

We will continue adding more lock options to stop cyberthieves 🤓

Facebook, Twitter & Bing Locks!

We added Facebook, Twitter and Bing Locks in addition to existing Google and Pinterest Lock options. We also removed the requirement for all code changes, Photolock now dynamically handles all necessary calls for you.

External Lock Options

More Control

Photolock now offers Advanced settings for those who only need the lock on specific pages or images. By simple code changes, you will have full control over how the locks are activated.

Single Account Multiple Websites

You can now add multiple Shopify stores to a single account and easily manage all your stores from a single place.

Manage multiple websites from a single account

Now Accepting Beta Users for other Platforms

Photolock is coming to Big Commerce this Fall! If you are interested in becoming a tester, please sign up to our list on Product Hunt!

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your supporting Photolock and giving us the opportunity to keep coding. We will continue to create more solutions to help you sell more online.