Watermark / Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark

Watermark is an effective technique for protecting your images from screenshot attempts.

The easy Watermark feature in Cybarmor™ allows you to programmatically add watermarks to all photos on your website. It does not alter the original photo files in your server or your Shopify store.

For easy watermarks, you need to add a "cybarmor-watermark" class value to every image that you would like to have a watermark.

  <img class="cybarmor-watermark" src="/someimage.jpg" alt="someimage" />

After making the required code changes, turn on the "Easy Watermark" feature in your Cybarmor settings.

Easy Watermark Settings

There are two Watermark styles you can use in your photos, and you can customize the size and position of your watermarks as you like.


You can add a text watermark to your images. You can customize the following features for your text watermark:

  1. Opacity
  2. Font Size
  3. Text Value
  4. Positioning
  5. Background Color


You can customize the following features for your image watermark:

  1. Opacity
  2. Output Size
  3. Image URL Value
  4. Positioning
  5. Background Color


Please note that while testing the watermark feature, the changes may easily get cached to your browser, and you may not see the changes you make instantly. We recommend clearing your browser's cache every time you change Watermark settings to make sure everything will appear as expected.