Website Locks / Keyboard Locks

Keyboard Locks

You can disable keyboard behavior that users can use to collect your content with keyboard locks.

Copy-Paste Lock

Cut, copy, and paste are related commands in human-computer interaction that allow a user to transfer data. When a user cuts or copies text, it is automatically saved in the clipboard, which is a temporary storage tool. The contents of the clipboard are then pasted into the location where the paste order is given. These commands allow a user to capture text and image content from your website.

When a user is browsing your site, Copy & Paste Lock disables these commands. When this lock is enabled, the following activities on Windows and Mac OS X will be disabled:


Windows: Ctrl + C
Mac: ⌘ + C


Windows: Ctrl + V
Mac: ⌘ + V

⚠️ NOTE: All similar commands in a browser context menu are also disabled when Copy & Paste lock is enabled (mouse right-click menu). Controls will appear in the menu list as usual, but they will have no impact on your website.

File Save Lock

The File Save shortcut is a key combination that most PC keyboards have. When you click the key, it tries to save your entire website as an HTML file, which includes all image properties.

If the lock is switched on, the following keyboard activities on Windows and macOS will be disabled when a user is browsing your site:


Windows: Ctrl + S
Mac: ⌘ + S

Print-Screen Capture Lock

Most computer keyboards have a print screen key, which is abbreviated as Prscr, PRTSC, PrtScrn, Prt Scrn, or Ps/SR. Depending on the operating system or software application, pressing the key sends the current screen image to the user clipboard or to the active computer printer.

With the support of this lock, you can disable this key for users when they are browsing your site.

IMPORTANT: Some Apple computers might be lacking this key, in which case the lock will not work. This lock also does not work on portable devices such as laptops and tablets.