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Mouse Locks

Mouse locks allow you to control what your users can do with mouse actions.

Right-Click Lock

Right-Click lock is an excellent option if you want visitors to be able to copy and paste text content from your site, but you don't want them to copy/paste or Right-Click-Save your site's images.

By default, Right-Click Lock is turned on, and visitors to your site will not be able to right-click or right-click-save any image.

On certain websites, users may still be able to right-click images while this lock is active. In such cases, even though the right-click menu opens, the 'Save Image' option will not be working. This may occur depending on the script structure of your website.

Full-Screen Lock

This lock is an extended version of "Right-click lock" option. It disables right-clicking on your entire website.

When activated a user will not be able to copy-paste your images and text content using a mouse or touchpad; or open the native browser right-click menu anywhere on your site.

Drag & Drop Lock

Some browsers and operating systems make it easy for images to be saved through mouse drag and drop action. Photolock™ can prevent this functionality and provide a better protection for your photos. Drag & Drop Lock is activated by default.

Last Updated: September 9, 2020