Website Locks / Mouse Locks

Mouse Locks

You can limit what the users can do with mouse behavior by using mouse locks.

Right-Click Lock

If you want visitors to be able to copy and paste text content from your site but not to copy/paste or Right-Click-Save your site's photos, Right-Click lock is a great choice.

Visitors to your site will be unable to right-click or right-click-save any picture if Right-Click Lock is activated.

Although this lock is active, users will still be able to right-click images on some websites. Even if the right-click menu appears, the 'Save Picture' option will not function in this case. This could happen depending on your website's script layout.

Full-Screen Lock

This lock is a more advanced variant of the "Right-click lock." Right-clicking is disabled through your entire website.

When enabled, users will be unable to copy and paste your photos and text content using a mouse or touchpad, nor will they be able to access the native browser right-click menu from anywhere on your website.

Drag & Drop Lock

Photos can be saved with a mouse drag and drop operation in certain browsers and operating systems. Cybarmor will stop this from happening and give your images more protection.