Website Locks / Screen Locks

Screen Locks

You can disable a user's ability to take images by disabling browser interactions with screen locks.

Text Copy & Paste Lock

Text Copy & Paste Lock prevents users from copying and pasting text material from your website. When this option is activated, all relevant mouse and key commands will be disabled.

This setting overrides Copy-Paste Lock under Keyboard locks. When this setting is enabled, regardless of whether Keyboard copy-paste lock is enabled, keyboard shortcuts will not operate.

Focus Lock

When using a computer, "focus" is achieved when a job, such as a website or a computer app, is opened. When the mouse is moved to a different place, the focus is lost. This lock ensures that your website is only available when a user is "focused" on your store and actively browsing.

It's a crucial lock to keep third-party sketching tools and apps from stealing your images. This focus lock will blur your website content if the user is not active on your site, and the content will become visible again as soon as the user's focus is detected.

When you browse your website with this lock enabled, you may notice fuzzy material bouncing from one tab to another, which is the desired effect of this lock.

Printing Lock

Printing web pages from your computer or mobile device is possible for all modern web browsers. By enabling the Printing Lock function, you can easily prevent visitors from printing images and pages from your website.

3D Touch Lock

Apple Inc. developed 3D Touch, a pressure-sensitive multi-touch technology that allows trackpads and touchscreens to differentiate between various levels of force being applied to their surfaces.

iPhones have three levels of input technology, allowing users to configure their choice for light, medium, or firm presses on the iPhone screens to access other details. A user can use 3D Touch to perform acts such as capturing images and other content from your website.

By triggering this lock, you can disable this feature when a user is browsing your site.

Exit Lock

This lock forcefully hides the content of your website, when it detects that the mouse pointer has left the browser