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Screen Locks

Screen locks allow you to disable user's ability to capture photos by disabling browser interactions.

Text Copy & Paste Lock

Text Copy & Paste Lock disables users ability to copy & paste text content on your website. All related mouse and key commands will be disabled when this setting is turned on.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: This setting overrides 'Copy-Paste Lock' under Keyboard locks on the Photolock dashboard. Keyboard shortcuts will not work when this setting is on, regardless of Keyboard copy-paste lock status.

Focus Lock

When using a computer, "focus" occurs when a task is open, such as a website or a computer app. The focus is lost when the mouse clicks on a different place. This lock ensures that your website is only visible when the user is "focused" and actively browsing your store.

It is an important lock to prevent image theft using third party sketching tools & software. Your website content will be blurred by this focus lock while the user is not active on your website and the content will be visible again as soon as user focus is detected.

While this lock is turned on, you may notice blurry content switching from one tab to another browsing your website, which is the expected behavior provided by this feature.

Printing Lock

All modern web browsers allow printing web pages using your computer or mobile device. You can easily prevent visitors to your site from being able to print images and pages of your website by activating the "Printing Lock" feature.

3D Touch Lock

3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive multi-touch technology developed by Apple Inc. that enables trackpads and touchscreens to distinguish between different levels of force being applied to their surfaces.

The technology on iPhones has 3 different levels of input, which enable users to customize a preference of light, medium, or firm press onto the iPhone screens to access the other information. By using 3D Touch a user can execute actions to capture photos and other content from your website.

You can disable this functionality while a user is browsing your site by activating this lock.

Block Screenshot Extensions

The "Block Screenshot Extensions" feature prevents users from capturing a screenshot by using browser extensions & third-party snipping tools.

This lock will not prevent the user from taking a screenshot using functionalities provided by the operating system. To protect your images from system screenshots, you can add a Watermark over your images. Even if a user finds a way to take a screenshot, they will have a watermark on the captured shot.

Last Updated: September 9, 2020