Website Locks / Screenshot Protection

Screenshot Protection

To provide screenshot security, multiple lock features must be combined. There is no single setting that allows for screenshot blocking since it is an aspect with many dimensions to consider. Rather, you must unlock a number of locks.

  1. Enable Print-Screen Lock under Keyboard Locks

    Most computer keyboards have a print screen key, which is abbreviated as Prscr, PRTSC, PrtScrn, Prt Scrn, or Ps/SR. Depending on the operating system or software application, pressing the key sends the current screen image to the user clipboard or to the active computer printer.

    On most desktop computers, Print-Screen Lock allows you to disable this function. This functionality does not cover mobile devices like laptops, tablets, or MacBooks.

  2. Enable Screenshot Extension Blocking under Screen Locks

    Browser extensions can be installed in modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox. For capturing screenshots, there are a range of extensions available. This lock prevents third-party plugins from capturing photos from your website. However, due to the widespread availability of those extensions, the defense only applies to a subset of such methods. We are constantly working to extend our coverage.

    Please keep in mind this protection is made available as a beta and under public testing. We would love to hear your feedback.

  3. Enable Focus Lock under Screen Locks

    When using a computer, "focus" is achieved when a job, such as a website or a computer app, is opened. When the mouse is moved to a different place, the focus is lost. This lock ensures that your website is only available when a user is "focused" on your store and actively browsing.

    It's a crucial lock to keep third-party sketching tools and apps from stealing your images. This focus lock will blur your website content if the user is not active on your site, and the content will become visible again as soon as the user's focus is detected.

    Please keep in mind that enabling this protection may effect the user experience on your website.

    Watermark your Images

    This is the most critical part of screenshot security at the moment. If your images are encoded with watermarks, even though the end-user manages to capture a visual, it is essentially useless.

    Cybarmor offers two ways of adding watermark to your images, Easy Watermark and Watermark Wizard.

  • Easy Watermark, adds watermarks to your images automatically at the front-end level. It does not modify the original image files.
  • Watermark Wizard is available for you to add watermark to your image files and modify the source file.  (Public release coming soon, currently available to select users)