External locks allow you hide your photos from search engines & social media platforms.

Search Engines

One great way to prevent images from being stolen is to prevent them from being cached by Google & Bing as a part of Image Search Results. If you'd like to prevent pictures from appearing in Google & Bing Image Search Results, you can activate the Google & Bing Locks on Photolock™.

The Google Lock feature only works for new images added to your page, and will prevent existing images from being indexed by Google, it will not retroactively remove images from Google Search Results that have already been indexed. To remove previously indexed images, please visit this tutorial.

Social Media Platforms

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest use various methods to make posts more engaging on their platforms. One of the standard techniques is to capture an image to display in the post when a website address is shared, and these platforms attempt to do so every time a user shares a web URL.

Facebook & Twitter Locks enable you to tell Facebook & Twitter not to capture an image from your website if a user ever shares your website address.

Pinterest Lock in the Photolock™ settings menu allows you to prevent visitors from saving or “pinning” images from your site to their Pinterest boards.

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